Here are some highlights of our custom softwares.

Here are links to three papers; my undergraduate and masters dissertation, and a paper accepted into the proceedings of the AES 129th conference, which I wrote whilst studying for a PHD.

Physical Modelling and Synthesis of Motor Noise for Replication of a Sound Effects Library
This paper (published in the proceedings of the 129th Audio Engineering Society Convention) describes the methods that can be used to replicate motor noise in real time. A small number of parameters are made available to the user who, by tweaking these, can replicate a vast range of motor noises.

Loudspeaker Equalisation to Compensate for Low Frequency Room Acoustics
This paper looks at how cross-correlation with a test recording in the frequency domain can lead to filter design to reverse engineer the damaging acoustics of a listening environment and make an system behave with a flat response.

Inharmonicity of Piano Strings
This paper explores the inharmonic nature of the piano, and by analysing real recordings of piano strings, visually proves that the higher end of the piano gets progressively sharper, and that this is one of the key factors that gives the piano it’s unique timbre.